Missing From Action: News Update

News UpdateHere we are almost 2 months in to the new year and this is the first post I’ve written; shame on me eh?

I’d have liked to have had this post published much sooner but I started a new course of treatment at the start of January and it’s causing a few issues, which in turn are causing lots of discomfort, loads of frustrations and huge restrictions on my time.

Although I haven’t been visible online much I’ve still been working away, when I can, in the background as well as having a clear out, not so much on my blog but on the other aspects of my business interests.

Reflecting On 2013 The Good The Bad and The Helpful

Merry Christmas from Barry WellsAs Christmas and the New Year approach we take time to reflect on the year we’ve had, the highs, the lows and the bits in between.

Which is what this post is about; a time to reflect and give thanks, although the post may start on a sad note it does move on to happier times.

Reflecting On 2013…

The year started as 2012 ended, with me laid up waiting for a surgical procedure, which I had towards of the end of January and after healing time I was ready for work by the end of March.

Unfortunately my mum was then taken ill again…

AhaNOW-Top30-Men-Bloggers-AwardWOW what a fortnight it’s been around here, you won’t believe the hassles I had this past 2 weeks.

I’ll explain them all here but don’t despair as a simple Five Step Backup Plan can save us all similar headaches and hassles…

Let me explain:

Harleena Singh mentioned me in her 30 Top Men Bloggers post, in which she listed the top 30 men bloggers that she interacts with via her blog and who share her content on a regular basis. It was an honour to have been included, especially as I haven’t been on the blogging scene that much lately.

Who Won Easy Auction Income

easy auction income winnerThis is a quick follow up to my last post, in which I announced that Steve King and I had created a new eBay product; Easy Auction Income.

The product is a FULL membership site containing a Video Coaching Program detailing how we sell Vintage Photo Prints on eBay.

We cover every step of the process in video, with one video per task, and we also include a forum to support our members in any way they need.

To celebrate completing the product we held a competition on Marketing Miniclasses and offer three free memberships as prizes.

In addition to those prizes I offered one of my readers the chance to win a free membership as well.

Easy Auction Income AnnouncementI can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post, so much for my advice on keeping a regular posting schedule to maintain momentum, but sometimes we have to take time out to accomplish things as quickly as possible.

Steve King and I have been working really well together, so much so that we decided to create another product between us. As we’ve both been selling on eBay since 2005 we thought we’d combine our knowledge and create an eBay business that just about anyone can follow.

We’re all aware of people struggling financially around the world and wanted to create something that doesn’t require a large learning curve or loads of additional costs just to get started.

Blog Commenting and A Blogging Superstar

Blog commentsI haven’t been blogging as much as I normally do as I’ve had some off line tasks to deal with and have been working on a product with one of my JV partners, Steve King, but more on that at a later date…

We are currently looking for affiliates so if anyone is interested in promoting products for me please enter your details on my Affiliate Page.

Don’t be concerned about joining yet another list as I don’t pimp my lists and on this one I want to sell with you, not to you.

On with the post…

Is Blog Commenting Worth The Time It Takes?

I’ve read a thread on Facebook recently about whether or not to have comments activated on blogs and what the benefits were…

WordFence Real Time Log In Attempts

real time log in attemptsThis isn’t the post I had planned to publish next on my blog but this is so important it had to be published ASAP, so please excuse the lack of formatting and editing of the video lower in the post…

…the message is FAR to important to be concerned about optimizing everything with my Pre-Publishing Blog Post Tips!!

Regular readers know that I’ve joined the team over at Marketing Miniclasses and as well as that I’m also working on two other sites that’ll be making an appearance in the near future.

Part of my daily routine is to log into the sites and check things over.

Today, whilst doing the rounds I found one of the sites being hit hard and fast with people attempting to log in…. and this site hasn’t even launched yet!

Stop The Presses: Start Previewing Those Blog Posts

Previewing blog posts

You’ve written your blog post and are just about to hit the publish button but before you do you should start previewing the blog posts to ensure they’re optimized to bring you the best results possible. 


Not sure what to do?

No Problem, here’s my…


Previewing Blog Post Check List

Catchy Title:

Obviously the title of your post needs to relate to the content of the post but can you use a play of words? Things like film titles, quotes, rhymes, phrases etc.

The catchier your title the more people will be intrigued by it and in turn visit your post.

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