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Spell check is NOT enough

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my blog.

No matter what work we do online we need to be able to type. How we type is irrelevant, be it one finger or all fingers and thumbs it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we spell our content correctly, whether it’s an advert, article, blog post, ebook or email.

I always write my content in word as it provides a spell check and saves me making silly errors, or so I thought…..

I have recently finished my latest ebook and I asked a few people to read through it and let me know of any errors that they come across. Having used a spell checker I wasn’t to concerned about my spelling, but punctuation and grammar was something else.

Do you get distracted when trying to work?

Hello every one and thank you for visiting my blog.

When you start working from home one of the biggest challenges you face are the distractions from your work, and there are lots of them to deal with.

Noises from around the house like the dog barking, the TV blaring out, the phone ringing or the washing machine going through its last cycle is enough to interrupt your concentration and mess up your work schedule.

We can however take steps to reduce them. Give the dog a bone to chew, turn the TV off, remove the batteries from the door bell and close all the doors to isolate the noise from the washing machine. Turning the Answer phone on and the phone to silent is also a big help.