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The Importance Of Comments and Replies on Your Blog

The Importance Of Comments and Replies: With Plugins To Help With Each

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting my blog.

I was hoping to have the next video of the Newbies Guide created and online by now but last week I had so many things go wrong that I just didn’t have the time to create it.

I had optimized the sales page for Ease The Squeeze With Auctions and when I uploaded it the whole page turned Chinese. There had been an error in the loading code and no matter how many times I uploaded it I couldn’t correct it. So I deleted the page and started all over again, that was 3 days taken out of my schedule, but it’s done now.

As a result of the world wide recession many people have turned to eBay to try and make money from home. Some have found success and some have found that it can be very frustrating to list items over and over on eBay without making sales. Most of us have been there and many of us have, at some point, found the eBay fees catch up and sometimes overtake our profit, which only adds to the squeeze being put on our finances.

Many people have then become disheartened and have left eBay without trying to research their market. There are various ways of researching your market on eBay to help you find items that are selling successfully. But what if I told that there is an area of eBay where people are actually queuing up for items, and telling us what those desired items are?

The Newbies GuideIt’s time to upload your website to your server (web host). While this may sound daunting, it is really simple to do and the video below shows you exactly how to carry it out.

Before we can upload the website we need to download  an FTP program, (File Transfer Protocol). There are plenty of free ones on the web, but I use (and recommend) Filezilla. It is easy to install and easy to use, but the best feature is that it is free of charge.

To be able to access your web host you will need your FTP details which are in the email that you would have received from your hosting company. If you used D9 Hosting then the email is entitled ‘New Account Information‘ and you will find the details needed in section 4.