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Bloggers: Need A Little Lift?

100 comment challengeNeed A little help with your

Blog Writing

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed many people trying to get blog owners posting to their blogs a bit more frequently. In fact that is why I wrote my last blog post, to give the new bloggers a little nudge of encouragement.

Since then Steve King and Jacinta Dean and have thrown down the gauntlet and started the “100 Blog Comment Challenge” AKA #100comments. Basically those that take up the challenge have to write a blog post and try to generate 100 comments for that post.

Encouraging New Blog Owners

A little encouragement for struggling

Masterclass Students

As many of you know I started this blog as part of the Masterclass course that John Thornhill runs, and since starting the course I have been visiting my fellow students blogs, leaving comments and building relationships with them, (as most of us have).

The other day I read a few posts which really got me thinking.

One was from Mandy Allen entitled “Who have you inspired?” Where Mandy talks about linking up with some old friends and how a comment she made years ago inspired one of them to change their career.

The second post that got me thinking was by Bill Murney entitled “Blogging”. Where Bill talks about some of the Masterclass students’ lack of blogging, and asks what could be causing it?

Keywords and Keyword Spamming On eBay

Today I would like to cover keywords and keyword spamming. Keywords are used all over the internet to increase search results, but today I would like to concentrate on eBay.

As you know the use of keywords plays a large part in being a successful seller on eBay. By placing the relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions your items have a much better chance of being discovered in the search results.

More views = more sales.

Because keywords play such an important part of our listings and their success some people are keyword spamming to try and increase their sales. This is a major No No on eBay and, when caught out, will get your listings removed.

So what is keyword spamming?