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Twitterfeed to Twitter: Share Your Views Please.

Twitterfeed to Twitter

Update: March 2011, please read to the end of post for the update.

I’ve been using Twitter for about 18 months now and set up my Twitter Account with the help of Tweet Dynamite, which is the complete package for anyone wanting to get started on Twitter. I was really unsure of Twitter to start with but with the video guides in Tweet Dynamite it was really easy to set up my Twitter Account and get to grips with all the different programs used to assist my Twitter Campaign.

New year = New Plans and New Targets

My Plans for 2011┬áNow that Christmas and the new year festivities are over it’s time to crack on with making plans for what we wish to achieve this year. If you haven’t created a plan yet maybe seeing mine will help you get one started.

Personally I’ve never made any plans for my Internet Marketing and have just done what I knew needed doing, but over the past year or so I’ve come to realise how important it is to have a plan to work from. So between Christmas and new year I sat and got my ideas written out on paper and got them into some sort of order so as to map out my plan for 2011. I then transferred my plan to my new whiteboard, a Christmas gift from my daughter, and placed the whiteboard beside my desk so that it is in my face every day.