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Journey To Success Part 4: Learning As You Go

Journey To Success 4Journey To Success Part 4

Learning As You Go

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I have some fantastic news to tell you all but before I do I want to tell you about a question I received on Twitter a couple of days ago as they’re kind of tied together.

The question was “Hi Barry, I am really curious. How do you get so many people to comment on your blog? Besides the fact that its a super blog.

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I’ve removed their name and photo as I don’t want to cause them any embarrassment. If you look at the image you’ll see that the person tweeted my post about the product review of Kindle Publishing Made Easy and then 2 hours later asked the question. So were they thinking about the amount of comments I had received for those 2 hours, trying to figure it out?

Kindle Publishing Made Easy Kindle Publishing Made Easy

By Val Waldeck: My review

Updated August 2012

I’ve decided to update this post due to the fact that since writing it Val has updated the product Three Times and has automatically given all previous customers the latest version.

With the latest version of Kindle Publishing Made Easy Val now delivers the product in PDF, Video and PowerPoint Presentation and it simply doesn’t get easier than this.

On top of that you will also receive Publish With Amazon, which is another of Val’s step by step products that will guide you through publishing your products in Print via Amazon’s CreateSpace.

There’s even more good news by way of a Special Offer but I’ll let you know about that at the bottom of the post :)