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Shout Out Traffic Results

What a busy Bank holiday weekend I’ve had. It’s a shame the calender on my phone doesn’t show Bank Holidays, wedding anniversaries and the day my daughter goes off on her first ever holiday without the parents :(

I said that I would put the Top Ten Traffic results on my blog today and after a very busy weekend I’ve finally managed it……. ye-ha 😎

You see after receiving the entries for the video challenge I just had to put some of them to use, which meant more learning, applying, correcting, applying, correcting again arggg but I got there and am I pleased, you betcha I’m pleased, so much so you can have another ye-ha 😎

Learn With Sally

What a buzz I had last night……

I have to tell you the coaching I’m getting from Sally Neills new Learn With Sally coaching program is far better than I could ever of imagined.

Not only has Sally had me facing my fears and pointed out some mistakes I’ve been making with Social Networking. She’s now got me kicking my fears into touch, well one so far but with her teaching style I know that the other fears will follow the same route.

You may recall that only 3 weeks ago I told you about my fear of talking live on a webinar. Well last night that fear was firmly kicked into touch, thanks to Sally 😉

After announcing the video creation challenge in my last blog post I’ve been blog hopping, Tweeting and setting up an event on Facebook to help get the word out there, and what a response I’ve had.

I’m really excited about every video that entered. We’ve got lessons and tours from experts, some from 2nd and 3rd timers and some from video virgins that have never created videos before.

oh and watch out for the dark horse, he’s stepped out of the stable and will soon be galloping around the net.

I take my hat off to every one of you that created a video (or two or three in some cases) for this challenge and I have listed them all below in the order that they were submitted to me.

I’ve got an idea for a bit of a challenge and want to invite you all to take part….

The challenge is to make a video and post it on your blogs. It can be of anything you feel comfortable doing and if you’ve never created a video then this is your push to do so.

We’re all able to carry out certain tasks on our PC’s so why not record yourself doing one of them?

I’m no Spielberg but I have created a few videos and how I got started was by recording myself setting up an auto reply message on Outlook Express. It’s a simple video, which is displayed lower in the post, and it has been my most popular with over 2,900 views. It was created with free software so all it cost me was my time, so there’s no excuse!

Learn With Sally

I’ve just completed the second module of our Learn With Sally coaching and I have to be honest and say that this coaching, although only at week 3, has already highlighted some errors that I have been making online.

The module was Traffic Foundations and setting up accounts on Social Media sites. Now I don’t mind admitting that other than Twitter and more recently Google Plus I haven’t tapped into them at all.

My thinking was that they would be a time magnet and I wouldn’t be able to get anything done in my already busy schedule. So I just left them to those that use them and carried on regardless.

What a foolish mistake that was because nearly all of them can be automated.

How To Set Up Automated Emails On Your WordPress Blogs

I’m really excited today as I’ve just purchased Camtasia Studio and have been checking it out. I’ve previously created my videos using CamStudio Pro, which I thought was ok for the price but now that I’ve tried Camtasia I’m kinda blown away.

Having received an email from one of my readers, asking how I’d set my blog up with automated emails to thank people for commenting, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.

So today I’ve created a video showing everyone exactly how I’ve set the emails up, which I’ve placed below.

Learn With Sally

As many of you know I won a place on Sally Neill’s new coaching program, Learn With Sally, and when I told everyone about the win on my Benefits of Blog Hopping post I said that I would keep my readers informed of my progress etc.

Well last Thursday Sally held our first live webinar, which was fantastic, and during it Sally gave us an in depth introduction to the coaching that she’ll be giving us and detailed 12 of the 13 modules. The 13th being a top secret surprise 😉

The first module, which we start next week, is Blogging Superstar.