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Journey To Success Part 7: Focus, Time and Money

Journey To Success 7Journey To Success Part 7

Focus, Time and Money

Creating a manageable budget for both:

Before we start on the post let me put a little scenario to you:

You have a limited (or no) knowledge of plumbing and you need a new bathroom suite. So you go along to the builders merchants, pick out a new suite that suits your requirements and buy it.

Once it has been delivered do you:

A, Enrol in the local college for an evening course on basic plumbing for six months. Then go and buy all the tools and materials needed to carry out the job and then take the following 2, 3 or 4 weekends trying to install the new bathroom suite. During which time you and your family sit at home with crossed legs and pegs on your noses?

Journey To Success 6Journey To Success Part 6

Learn From Your Mistakes, Back Up and Start Again.

The Journey To Success is a Blog Carnival that is being organised by Mandy Allen in which some Masterclass bloggers are putting together a series of monthly blog posts detailing The Journey To Success. If you haven’t read the previous posts in this series please follow the links below to do so.


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On to part 6: Learning from your mistakes, back up and start again.

Everyone working online knows how important it is to start building an email list and having an opt-in form available for people to subscribe to our lists.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, I see so many blog owners using the wrong method of applying their opt-in forms to their blogs. One of my pet hates is getting to blog, start reading the content and then 60 seconds later up comes a pop up that covers the screen and stops me reading.

Now I know that it’s their blog and they can apply what they want to it. But isn’t the point of a blog to allow people to read our content?

So why would we want to interrupt our visitors when they’re reading?