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Lets learn PowerpointIf you aren’t already aware I’m holding a Video Blog Challenge from today until March 29th and I’m hoping to get as many people as possible to start creating videos and adding them to their blogs.

If you’re interested, or know others that may be, then please visit my previous post, An Internet Marketing Video Challenge, for the details…..

It’s never to late to start creating videos 😉

Running the challenge for Four weeks allows everyone to create the videos they really want to so as to show their readers, subscribers, friends and followers how to achieve certain tasks.

For my video series I’ve referred back to 2 previous posts and some of the comments I received asking about PowerPoint Presentations and how they’re made. So make yourself a coffee, pull up a chair then sit back and watch….

Last year I held a video challenge on my blog and invited everyone to start creating videos and get them uploaded to YouTube and added to your blog posts.

I think the challenge went well and we had some fantastic entries, however it was a little rushed and didn’t give some people enough notice…..

Well I’ve decided to hold another video challenge and as it’s a leap year I’m going to step it up a bit and spread the challenge out for four weeks.

Starting on February 29th through until March 29th I’m inviting everyone to create videos and place them on their blogs.

Watch the video below or continue reading…

Oh Dear I Made A Stupid Boo Boo Last Week Sorry

They do say we learn from our mistakes, which of course is very true, and I made one last week that has taught me to slow down….a bit…

Before I explain my mistake I would like to apologize to everyone that had left a comment on my blog last week, unfortunately my mistake has stripped them all away….. sorry. I have managed to retrieve some comments from my email inbox, but the majority have gone.

Allow me to explain…

I was having a couple of issues with my previous hosting company which resulted in my blog being slow to load. So I started using CloudFlare, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which, by changing my DNS settings, super charged my loading times around the globe.

Pulling your hair outWe all know the hurdles we face when we start working online and how frustrating it can be to try and generate some form of income for your efforts, most of us have been pulling our hair out with that at some stage so I’m sure you can relate to my photo.

We know that lots of people throw the towel in through frustration and walk away from internet marketing altogether, kicking their dreams across the floor and jumping all over them as they go.

I don’t know about you, but I find it heartbreaking when people return to pounding the pavement looking for an alternative way of making money, especially when they haven’t given it their all in their pursuit of living their dream.