As I’ve been looking through the other blogs of my fellow Masterclass students I noticed that some have uploaded videos. This got me thinking about how to make my own.

So today I visited where I was able to download the software free of charge, many thanks to CamStudio for that.

Having downloaded it, I was eager to check it out. So I made a short video on how to set up an auto-reply email with Outlook Express, so that when a customer contacts you, via your customer support email address, they’re automatically sent an email confirming that you’ve received their email and will get back to them within 24 hours.

I was truly amazed at just how simple CamStudio is to use. You simply click the start button, do your work and click stop, that’s it….. Simple!

Then you need to set up an account on YouTube and upload your video.

Once your video is on YouTube you can load it onto your blog. Masterclass students: Please see week 5 for details of how to load YouTube videos onto your blogs.

Please watch the video and see what you think, feel free to leave your comments.

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