Last year I held a video challenge on my blog and invited everyone to start creating videos and get them uploaded to YouTube and added to your blog posts.

I think the challenge went well and we had some fantastic entries, however it was a little rushed and didn’t give some people enough notice…..

Well I’ve decided to hold another video challenge and as it’s a leap year I’m going to step it up a bit and spread the challenge out for four weeks.

Starting on February 29th through until March 29th I’m inviting everyone to create videos and place them on their blogs.

Watch the video below or continue reading…

This gives everyone four weeks of video posts where you can demonstrate your skills in any given subject related to Internet Marketing.

We all know that we’re limited on what we can do in a ten minute video but with four weeks we now have a minimum of 40 minutes so we can do a series of videos to bring our viewers back week after week for parts 1 2 3 and 4.

If you’ve been creating videos for sometime you’ll have at least an hour to demonstrate your β€œthing” and show us all the how’s, what’s and where’s of your skills.

The challenge is open to everyone and I’d like everyone to have a go and see what they can create, even if you’ve never created videos before….

….it’s a leap year, so leap on your fears and put them behind you.

The video entries must relate to some form of Internet Marketing so with 4 weeks worth you should be able to create some excellent tutorials.

If you have a skill then show it to us all and you may even pick up some new clients.

A few ideas to get you thinking…

If you’re into your Social Media you can demonstrate a different network with each video: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn for example could have a video of their own for each consecutive week.

Maybe you’re into your Graphics, in which case you could show us how you go about creating a mini site or eBook covers or both…

Maybe you could demonstrate an easy way of making money online and show people what tools you use, this would allow you to add your affiliate links to your posts…..

Maybe you use a certain program that makes things easier for your working day, if so give us a demonstration…..

Maybe you have PhotoShop skills that you could show us, I know I’d like those ones πŸ˜‰

Maybe you’ve set up a sales funnel and want to show others how they can do it as well….

Maybe Giveaway events are your thing, in which case show us how you set your funnels up….

Maybe you have some gigs going on Fiverr, in which case show us all the process….

Maybe you have a new site to launch and want to highlight what it’s all about….

Maybe you’re a whiz with video editing….

List building techniques….

Backing up your blog….

Installing your blog from a back up….

Installing a new blog theme….

Using gmail and creating folders and rules….

Creating cloaked affiliate links….

Uploading new websites….

Uploading graphics….

The list is endless but I’m sure you get the idea

Once you have your videos and posts ready let me know and I’ll add your link to a new page on my blog each and every week.

I would also like you to visit other blogs in the challenge, watch their videos, leave decent comments and share them with your friends and followers on the social media sites. If we all do this for each other then we all help each other generate traffic, over and over so we all benefit.

I will also be holding a competition.

I have licences for both Camtasia and Snagit that I will be putting up as a prize to the person that brings me the most traffic from now until March 29th and has entered videos for the four weeks of the challenge.

It doesn’t matter about the quality of your videos just as long as you’ve created 4 during the four weeks of the challenge and that they’re related to Internet Marketing in some form or another, even a tour of the software you use in your work.

The lucky winner will have nearly Β£300.00 worth of software FREE, isn’t that a prize worth having 😎

The winner will be announced on April 5th in a video where I will detail the top ten traffic sources for the competition. I always have the Social Media networks in my top ten traffic sources but for this competition I will only be counting people and their blogs πŸ˜‰

So get writing posts mentioning the challenge, inviting others to take part and start sending traffic here from today and you could be that lucky winner.

Software you can use to get you started

For Windows:


BB FlashBack Express

In fact here’s a choice of Ten programs….

For Mac’s:

Screen Movie Recorder for Mac


I have used CamStudio before and found it really good, although I did have some issues with video audio synchronization. If you have this issue here’s a video to help solve it πŸ˜‰

Over to you….

You know I love to read and reply to your comments so tell me what you think:

Are you up for the challenge?

Will you make this leap year your time to leap on your fears and take this opportunity to promote your skills?

Sharing Is Caring

Please use the tools available and share the post with your friends and followers and lets make the challenge one to remember πŸ˜‰

Until next time, posts make prizes πŸ˜‰

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