I’ve got an idea for a bit of a challenge and want to invite you all to take part….

The challenge is to make a video and post it on your blogs. It can be of anything you feel comfortable doing and if you’ve never created a video then this is your push to do so.

We’re all able to carry out certain tasks on our PC’s so why not record yourself doing one of them?

I’m no Spielberg but I have created a few videos and how I got started was by recording myself setting up an auto reply message on Outlook Express. It’s a simple video, which is displayed lower in the post, and it has been my most popular with over 2,900 views. It was created with free software so all it cost me was my time, so there’s no excuse!

Here’s a few ideas you could start with:

Cloaking affiliate links

Adding an image to a page or blog

Creating a payment button

Creating an Image

Creating an eBook cover

Creating a Hyperlink

Branding an eBook

How to create an ebook

An HTML lesson

Creating an auto reply message

Gmail tips

Twitter tips

Facebook tips

Adding something to your blogs

There are endless topics that you could cover but for now just pick one that you’re comfortable doing. Maybe something you do day in day out. Maybe you have a skill that some of us don’t, in which case show us it. You never know it could lead to another string in your bow.

By all means visit my YouTube Channel and get some ideas from the videos I’ve created. Maybe you think I made mistakes in them or could have explained something better, if so make the same videos and correct my mistakes. Don’t let your voice put you off, you can tell that I haven’t had any elocution lessons cor I even have to remember my T’s and H’s πŸ˜‰

The only rules are:

  1. It must be suitable for everyone to watch.
  2. It must be created from today onwards.

Please Note: I will check all videos and if any were created before today they will not be allowed in the challenge.

You have until Monday 22nd August to create your video and submit your post details to me with the URL and a sentence or two about the post/video. I will then write a post on Tuesday 23rd and I will link to every post that is taking part.

Now think about this: As I said we all have skills in different fields so this could highlight your skills to people that need them. Now imagine an additional income stream created from your skill. Never mind Fiverr this could link you to each other directly and solve any outsourcing problems. You never know we may even build our own little team of contacts.

If you’ve never done this before don’t worry. I’ve placed a video below showing you how to upload to YouTube and then how to place the videos on your blogs.

There is free software available for creating your videos:


Screen Cap Studio


I got started using Camstudio and it’s really easy to use as I detail in a video in a previous post: The software I use to create these videos

Ok as promised at the start of the post: I’m showing you my first ever video:

I didn’t do too bad……did I? So come on lets get filming, yeah? Any job you’re comfortable doing will be spot on, I promise you πŸ˜‰

Here’s how you upload them to YouTube and then onto your blogs, please excuse my coughs:

So are you up for the challenge?

Would your friends be up for it?

Will you help me get the word out about the challenge?

As an added bonus the following week, 30th August, I’ll create another video showing everyone my top ten traffic sources for the period of the challenge. Meaning those that help me spread the word of the challenge have a very good chance of being mentioned, and linked to, on the 30th as well.

Will you be in that top ten?

So what do you think, are you up for the challenge?

Until next time, shoot to thrill πŸ˜‰


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