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This page is dedicated to the

100 Blog Comments Challenge

and all of the people that contributed to it. The idea was to get 100 people join in and help generate 100 comments for every one of the contributors blog posts and also to get them bookmarked by each other.

The idea was thought up between Jacinta Dean and Steve King, both of which are former students of John Thornhills Masterclass. You did not have to be a Masterclass student to contribute to this, all you needed was a blog.

It was recommend that we install the following Plugins to help generate our backlinks:

DoFollow, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv

I also recommended the following plugins:

AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button, this will enable you to bookmark the blog posts that you visit.

WordPress Thread Comments: will allow you reply to comments, and it sends the Commentator an email with your reply.

Subscribe To Comments: This plugin will send you an email for every follow up comment is left for the posts.

Most of these plugins can be installed through your WordPress admin panel, however for KeywordLuv it is better to visit the site and follow the instructions.

Please feel Free to use the Tweet Button at the top of this page and let everyone know about the challenge.

I also created a twitter list of contributors and their tweets.
Which can be found at: http://twitter.com/barry_wells/blog-contributors

The Contributors to the

100 Blog Comments Challenge

were as follows; please note that all links have been removed due to so many of the posts now being taken off of their blogs and slowing my loading time due to broken links.

1,  Jacinta Dean:

2, Steve King:

3, Barry Wells:

4, Steve Wilkins:

5, Mandy Allen:

6, Terry Conti:

7, Alex Fyfe:

8, Gert Chappell:

9, Janice Lawrenz:

10,  Dev from TechnShare:

11,  Mike Shepherd:

12, Barry Williams:

13, Kathy Dobson:

14, Robyn Campbell:

15, John McNally:

16, Lisa Hernandez:

17, Bill Murney:

18, Keith Alston:

19, Brian Ripley:

20, Mark Sherman:

21, Randy Smith:

22, Dave Smith:

23, Dawn Kay:

24, Stan Young:

25, Jose Perez:

26, Jason Ser:

27, Michael Pedzotti:

28, Pete Chapman:

29, John Reed:

30, Vance Sova:

31, John Elder:

32, Noelle Grandison:

33, Steve Deerfield:

34, Connie Chen:

35, Stuart Turnbull:

36, Craig Sowerby:

37, Jess Webb:

38, Richard Davy:

39, Susan Owen-Thursfield:

40, Thu Nguyen:

41, Sally Neill:

42, Keith Purkiss:

43, Sandy Halliday:

44, David Taylor:

45, Alex Whalley:

46, John Edwards, AKA Ed:

47, Gwen Tanner:

48, Simon Croft:

49, Daniel Sumner:

50, Jorge Bento:

51, John Kilgallon:

52, Peter Carr:

53, Brian McHeyzer:

54, Shameka P:

55, Nathan Rufus:

56, Igor Griffiths:

57, Sally Cevasco:

58, Lorina Noble:

59, Jeremiah Carstarphen:

60, Eamon O’Keefe:

61, Andreas Spyrou:

62, Cheryl Ragsdale:

63, Kathy Williams:

64, Mike Calmot:

65, Pierre & Pierrette Trudal:

66, Robert Corrigan:

67, Deb@ Futures Trade:

68, Elizabeth Obih-Frank:

69, Steve Troutman:

70, Ian Douglas:

71, Jennifer Taylor:

72, Darren L Carter:

73, Anna Ajina:

74, Martyn Boaden:

75, Clare Swindlehurst:

76,Alex @ First 100:

77, Lynn @ Online Auction Ideas:

78, Abizer Nalwala:

79, Joelle Rene Hughes:

80, Vince Audritt:

81, Doug Prentice:

82, Brian Alcock:

83, Mary Klaebel:

84, Rick Byrd:

85, Anne @ Self Learning Club:

86, Barbara Harvey:

87, Vivien Tan:

88, Amy Steelman-Prueter:

89, Sean and Lauren:

90, Jerry Scoppa:

91, Patrick Lynch:

92, Fran Tollett:

93, Graham Price:

94, Fran Aslam:

95, Daniel Wood:

96, Tom Harvey:

97, Justin Case:

98, Dave Whittle:

99, Mike Flemming:

100, Michelle Lyall:

101, Ashwandra Michelle:

We now have our quota for the challenge and all that is left now is for everyone to visit all of the blogs above, leave a comment and bookmark them all.

Thank you to all involved and good luck,

Special thanks to Jacinta Dean, who thought of this idea and has spent the last 4 weeks promoting it: Jacinta you’re a star, thanks.