Ahh…Carnivals! The smell of popcorn and hotdogs on the grill…screams from the roller coaster and music from the merry-go-round. Nice memories from our childhood, but a new version of our childhood carnival has been quietly becoming a valuable blog marketing tool over the last several years.

Blog Carnivals have multiple uses that are valuable for bloggers in any niche. All IM bloggers are very interested and sharply focused on monetizing their blog and to do that, the first need after careful niche selection is traffic. Blog carnivals provide ways to attract the traffic you need by promoting the posts on your own blog and networking with other bloggers in your niche.

The sad fact is that having a fantastic product to sell will not drive traffic to your blog which essentially means no sales. Promotion is what will get you the traffic, but promoting your products, one at a time, will not generate a traffic flood to your site. That’s why a Blog Carnival can be very useful to start that flood of hungry buyers.

In any case, you will still have to pay attention to the normal marketing requirements for your blog before you do any promotion, like niche and keyword selection, creating or purchasing products to sell, to name a few necessities. A very important first step to never, ever forget is to research the actual interest in your product. If there’s no interest, you will be wasting your time and money with any promotion.

With that said, let’s get down to how Blog Carnivals will drive traffic to your site.

There are four main facets of Blog Carnivals. They can be developed by a single blog owner or shared by several bloggers with related interests.

To start with, every project needs an organizer and the blogger providing the organization will decide the critical background necessities. Two major decisions made by the organizer are the criteria for blog submissions and how often the Blog Carnival will be updated and published. The effectiveness of these carnivals relies on multiple presentations to cultivate the popularity and start a viral effect. Organizing can rotate between bloggers.

The host can be a volunteer each time the Blog Carnival updates. They collaborate with the organizer and pick a date in the future for the next edition, which can be several months away. During that time, the host gathers submissions from other bloggers and creates an organized article on their own blog that contains links to all the participating blogs. When the Blog Carnival is published, the participating bloggers announce it on their blogs.

When bloggers write an article on the carnival’s topic, they can submit the link for insertion into the next edition. To make that submission easier for them to get it to the correct person, Blog Carnival submission forms can be found with a Google search.

With all this planning and organizing, the most important element of the Blog Carnival is the blogging audience of other bloggers interested in the topic. They would be possible customers willing to buy the products from participating bloggers.

A benefit of participating in a Blog Carnival that isn’t often published is the ease of finding specifically focused blogs to meet your needs. Publishing a Blog Carnival on a regular basis can drive a flood of traffic to each blogger’s site just because of the number links to information in one place.

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