The Journey To Success Part 9:

Developing Alliances and Friendships With Other Bloggers

The Journey To Success is a Blog Carnival that is being organised by Mandy Allen in which some Masterclass bloggers are putting together a series of monthly blog posts detailing The Journey To Success. If you havenโ€™t read the previous posts in this series please follow the link above to do so.

Be sure to read the comments as they have often added a wealth of information to the original posts. Please feel free to reply to the comments or leave one of your own ๐Ÿ˜‰

Moving on to part 9:

Developing Alliances and Friendships With Other Bloggers

Throughout this series I have been saying about visiting blogs and forums that share the same passion as yourself, seeing what they have created from that passion and getting in the mix with them.

It’s amazing what you can learn from bloggers and it’s free information that has been tried and tested, saving you time, frustration and a whole heap of headaches.

When I first started online I would sit alone at my PC and try to figure everything out for myself, wasting months in the process, and not really getting anywhere. I really do wish that I had started visiting blogs a lot sooner than I did and took advantage of the information available.

So how do you start developing alliances and friendships
with other bloggers?

When you visit their blogs and read their posts be sure to check out the comments as this will tell you whether the blogger is interacting with their readers or not. The majority of bloggers will reply to the comments being left and continue the conversation or answer questions, regardless of who you are.

Sure you’ll find some bloggers that think it’s acceptable never to reply to anyone, or worse still they’ll reply to their โ€œpalsโ€ and leave everyone else whistling for a reply, even when questions have been asked. You’re never going to build any form of friendships with these people so while their content may be of help to you I wouldn’t waste your time trying to get any form of friendships going with them.

Focus on the interactive bloggers that are posting the information you need and are talking to their readers in their replies, offering advice, encouragement or just acknowledging the people leaving comments.

Don’t leave stupid comments

You’ll never build any form of alliances or friendships online if you leave stupid comments like โ€œgreat blog I’ll be backโ€, โ€œlove your blogโ€, โ€œgreat post, thanksโ€ or similar rubbish. All you’ll do by leaving comments like that is annoy the blog owner and you’ll probably find that the comment doesn’t get approved anyway. If I ever get comments like that they go straight into my trash folder and will never appear on my blog and I know that many other bloggers hold the same view.

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment

Some people fear leaving comments when they first start visiting blogs. This is a personal hurdle that you have to overcome, there’s nothing to fear as long as you leave decent comments.

When I say โ€œdecent commentsโ€ I don’t mean you have to write an essay but you do have to acknowledge the content of the post. Maybe ask questions if you don’t understand something or mention your experiences if you do.

Don’t be concerned that the blogger may be a big name and have loads of experience, quality content and comments. If they’re replying to their readers they’ll reply to you as well. If you express concerns in what you’re doing or areas of the post you didn’t quite grasp you’ll find the blog owner will explain it to you.

On occasions you may find future readers, that have experience of the subject, will offer their advice and try to help you as well.

Once you’ve left your comment share the post

The Social Media Networks play a huge roll in our businesses, offering us all free traffic as well as additional information that is shared between friends and followers.

They also open doors that allow us to get to know people on a more personal level and by sharing their blog content on your Social Media walls you will start to become noticed by the blogger, many of which will come and thank you for sharing their information.

If you don’t have accounts on the Social Media Networks then open them and fill out your profile, add your photo and start using them on a regular basis. Be sure to use the same photo for each of your profiles so as to be recognized at a glance.

Twitter,ย Facebook,ย Google Plus,ย LinkedIn andย Stumble Upon

Are the major platforms used by bloggers, so be sure to set up accounts on each one and then share the blog posts you like on your walls and try to connect with the bloggers on those platforms. If you’d like to connect with me you can do so from the icons to the right of this post.

You may not see an immediate response from the bloggers who’s posts you share but over time if you keep sharing you’ll be noticed, appreciated and thanked.

That, my friends, is how you start developing alliances and friendships with other bloggers.

Let’s prove the point

As you know your comments are very much appreciated so please feel free to add to the post in any way at all. If you can relate to anything said in the post please share your experiences so as to help others and drive home the point about our online friendships and how we build them.

I will be creating an eBook from the series and the best comments will be included in the eBook, attributed to the comment author and linked to their blogs ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh and please share this post by using the buttons below to send it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble and G+ as I mentioned above it’s how we start building friendships :)

Until next time, Find Follow and beFriend like minded bloggers

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