This post is going to be slightly different to my normal posts, in fact what I’ll be doing here I have never done before……more on that in a moment.

I sell information products, both on eBay and from my websites and I have recently found a jewel that I just have to bring to your attention, especially if you also sell (or are thinking of selling) information products.

Whether you are an established eBook writer or a newbie with an idea to create an eBook something you are going to need are

eBook Graphics

I personally have only ever used Planet Divinity,  I could go on and tell you about the Cheap Prices, the Quality of Work Produced or the Speed at which it is delivered, but that’s not the point of this post….

I could go on even further and tell you that Planet Divinity ask a series of simple questions and from your answer they will produce a first class cover, but that’s not the point of this post either….

Ok, I can hear you…”What is the point of this post and how is it going to be different?”

Let me explain…

The point of this post is to Save you money on your “eBook Graphics” and pass on a free lesson that I have found. It’s different because……….I’m going to ask you to go and read someone else’s blog post.

My last couple of posts have been about blogging and to demonstrate the benefits of visiting blogs I want to bring a post to your attention. As you know I spend quite a bit of time visiting other blogs and when I found this post it instantly took first place for the Best Free Lesson I have found online this year!

Before I tell you who and where I want to ask you to do 3 things:

  1. Open your mind to future products
  2. Think of all the old PLR material you have sitting on your Hard Drive
  3. Clear your desk for 18 minutes; 2 minutes reading and a 16 minute video.

Oh, sorry there’s a 4th, make your self a coffee, come back and get comfortable, then click the following link to Sally Neill’s Blog Post.

If you like the video please leave Sally a comment saying so and she may make more for us all to share.

If you have also found valuable lessons that are free for everyone to see please leave a comment below and let us all know about them, if you include a link i will check them before publishing your comment, thanks.

Until next time, take care

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