All websites have 3 things in common, it doesn’t matter what type of website you have, be it for information or sales they all have 3 things in common.

1; they all need a domain name, which is simple enough. You visit sites like 1&1 or D9 Hosting and purchase a domain name of your choice.

2; they all need to be hosted, which, again, is simple enough. Especially if you use a company like D9 Hosting, as their service is second to none and they will upload your site for you, should you need them to.

3; they all need TRAFFIC, which is where so many websites fail. Generating traffic to your website can be somewhat difficult if you’ve never been shown how to do it. Sure there are plenty of eBooks on the various ways to generate that desperately needed traffic, and most of them say pretty much the same thing.

•    Write an eBook with links back to your site

•    Buy some PLR material and include your site details in them

•    Buy some Brandable eBooks that will allow links back to your site,

•    Write articles for ezines

•    Use social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Some of these eBooks are really good and they will help you drive traffic to your sites in the various ways mentioned above. Some focus on the beginner, some on the intermediate and some are written in such a way that you get lost trying to read them never mind trying to implement the instructions.

I’ve read a few eBooks on generating traffic and one thing I found was that they all TOLD me how to do it, but NONE of them actually SHOWED me.

Well guess what……………….

I have found a complete package that not only tells us how to generate traffic to our sites, but in a series of short videos and modules the creator, Dave Nicholson, SHOWS US how to do it.

Total Web Traffic, is a course that is easy to follow and has been compiled for the beginner. It covers everything, all in one place, with easy to follow explanations of pretty much everything you need to know.

It will start of explaining the website traffic basics and offer you advice before you take any action.

The videos cover topics such as:

•    An Introduction

•    Getting Started

•    Banner Advertising

•    Ezine Advertising

•    Pay Per Click Advertising

•    Ezine Traffic

•    Mailing List Traffic

•    Social Networking

•    Social Bookmarking

•    Wordpress Traffic

•    Video Traffic

•    Search Engine Optimizing

•    Aweber List and Follow Ups

The real beauty of these videos, in my opinion, is that we can watch them through as many times as needed to get a general feel for the process. Then follow the instructions and pause the videos until you complete each stage. Honestly it doesn’t get easier than that.

As well as the videos mentioned above, there are 21 modules that explain the different methods of generating traffic to your websites, such as:

•    Opt-in and Autoresponders

•    Articles and Article Marketing

•    Pay Per Click Advertising

•    Using Forums for Traffic

•    Using eBay for Traffic

•    Using Affiliate Programs

•    Banner Advertising

•    Ad Swapping for Traffic

•    Using Free Classifieds

•    Using Ezine Ads for Traffic

•    Link Exchange for Traffic

•    Using Press Releases

•    Traffic Exchange Programs

•    Using Blogs for Traffic

•    Social Bookmarking for Traffic

•    Social Networking for Traffic

•    Using Videos for Traffic

•    Email Signatures for Traffic

•    Search Engine Optimization

•    Don’t Lose Your Prospect

•    Mass Emailing with Safe-lists

Then there are the quick tips, which give you all the pointers that you’re likely to need, such as:

•    Acronyms and Abbreviations

•    Things to Know

•    Mailing Lists

•    Affiliate Information

•    Advertising

•    Pay Per Click (PPC)

•    Article Marketing

•    Blogging

•    Search Engines

•    Social Optimizing

•    Turn Visitors to Cash

Tired of reading? Well don’t stop just yet as there’s more to this package, remember that I said it was a COMPLETE package.

You can download:

•    An SEO Example Website

•    Free Squeeze Pages

•    Free Thank You Pages

There are also interviews with:

•    eBay Powerseller John Thornhill

•    Video Expert Dan Thompson

Total Web Traffic really is the COMPLETE PACKAGE and I strongly recommend that you have a look into using it to get multiple streams of targeted traffic to your websites FAST!!

Click on the banner below and pop over to the website to see what some of the top internet marketers have to say about the course.

You owe it to your success

Until next time, take care

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