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Adding a Gravatar to your WordPress Blog

For the last few weeks I’ve been taking part in the 100 Blog Comment Challenge, which is showing signs of being a huge success for everyone involved. We now have 102 contributors on board so phase one is complete, phase two is to get them all to comment and bookmark each others blog post. I have been following the comments and replies of quite a few blogs and can plainly see that a lot of people are really benefiting from the interaction with other bloggers.

One thing I noticed during the challenge was that quite a few people were having problems Installing Gravatars on their blogs, with some having installed it only to find it was conflicting with another plugin and showing two images.

Being the helpful kind of guy I am ๐Ÿ˜‰ I decided to make a video and show you how I have it set up on my blog, so that you can simply follow my settings and resolve the issue on yours.

If you want to pause the video as you carry out each step then open another browser tab and have this post displayed on both. That way you can switch between the two and stop start the video as needed and copy or connect from the other. It saves going up and down, back and forth etc.

Before you can take any action you need to go through your pictures and select an image of yourself to use as your gravatar, remember it will be widely seen across the internet so chose wisely. You can always change it later if you wish to ;).

Ok, here’s the video, I’ll place a Gravatar link and plugins mentioned beneath it. In the bottom right corner there’s a toggle button so you can view in full screen, just press escape to minimize the screen again.

Having got your photo ready you then need to sign up with Gravatar using the same email address that you use for your WordPress blog.

Then open your WordPress admin panel and go to the Plugins section, where you need to click the Add New button and enter WordPress Gravatars.

Following the instruction in the video you will be able to install, activate and configure the settings for the WordPress Gravatars Plugin.

Once you have done that open a new tab and visit your blog to see how it looks.

If you would like to install the comment reply plugin that I show you during the video it’s calledย  WordPress Thread Comment and is installed in exactly the same way as theย  WordPress Gravatars Plugin.

As mentioned in the video the two plugins have instructions to include your gravatar, so you may see two images but don’t be alarmed as during the video I show you how to overcome this problem.

As always, I appreciate your comments.

I’m back from hospital now but have to spend the next two weeks on bed rest. I’ll reply to all comments upon my return to work.

Until next time, take care

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