As part of the Learn With Sally coaching we have to conduct an interview with an expert and then create a product from the interview. There are a variety of product types to choose from but the most important part to start with is choosing the expert and getting them to agree to an interview.

As I’ve been blogging over the last couple of years I’ve come across plenty of experts that are really advanced on their subject so choosing one to interview could have been a difficult task on it’s own.

However, choosing my expert wasn’t difficult as someone has really stood out to me for a long time. Nearly every blog I visit has also been visited by this person who always leaves exceptional comments adding value to the original post and offering advice and encouragement where fitting.

So I got in touch with this person and asked if they would allow me to interview them over Skype. Thankfully she agreed and was actually thrilled to have been asked :)

Adrienne Smith: Is a passionate and extremely focused blogger that is able to apply herself to her work in a way that others wish they could match, I know that I do anyway. She has an excellent blog, full of great content aimed at helping people find their way to success with the minimum amount of stress. As she makes her way around the internet and finds good information, tools and tips that help her she details them in her blog posts, so as to help us all and save us time trying to locate them ourselves. Some of the information and tools we wouldn’t even think of using if it wasn’t for Adrienne pointing them out as well as detailing the benefits of them.

Adrienne’s the Queen of the shout out sharers and is always telling people where she found the information, linking to it and explaining how she has used it to her advantage but more importantly how we can use it to our advantage.

Many of you will already know Adrienne through her commenting on your blogs, through her blog or through her Social Media interaction. She has a presence on all of the Social Media Networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn, and offers encouragement to everyone she engages with. Giving us tips on how to make the most of our social media accounts, even to the extent of showing us how to set up our profiles to look as professional as we possibly can.

Adrienne also creates videos that she uploads to YouTube offering help and assistance by way of tutorials and demonstrations. There are currently 168 videos on Adrienne’s channel so be sure to check them out as well πŸ˜‰

I can’t sing Adrienne praises loud enough as she’s offered me words of encouragement for both on and off line issues that I’ve had to deal with during my time online.

I have a few questions that I will be putting to Adrienne during the interview but I thought I would ask my readers if you had any specific questions that you would like me to ask Adrienne.

So please leave a comment below and let me know what question you need answers to. It doesn’t matter if you see someone else has left a comment asking the same question as it shows how popular that question is. Those questions that are repeated will move up the list.

Oh and please use the buttons below to share this post with your friends and followers πŸ˜‰

Until next time, ask away πŸ˜‰

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