The Journey To Success Part 8:

Innovate, take the road not taken andΒ Try Something New:

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Moving on to part 8:

Innovate, Take the road not taken and try something new.

That may sound very daunting to you as this may be a new experience for you anyway, but in part 1 I said about finding Forums and Blogs that have the same passion (niche) as you and start making notes of what others had created.

You don’t have to create the same as everyone else because that defeats the object. After all, do you want to be a sheep or a shepherd? Do you want to lead or follow your target audience?

It’s your passion and you should only use these sites for ideas and inspiration, kind of like a spring board to your success. As well as looking to see what others have done with the passion you share you should also be on the look out for things they haven’t done.

For Example:

  • Whilst visiting these sites have you noticed anything important that people haven’t covered on the subject?
  • Maybe something that you feel you can add to your project that others haven’t covered in enough detail?
  • Have they over emphasized the points they’re trying to make and in doing so rambled on so much it has become confusing?
  • Do you see a common problem that people face? If so can you help get them over it?
  • Are these people keeping up with the times or they still using the old methods to get their message out there?

These are just a few things to look out for and if you find them and address them it can make you stand out from the crowd.

In part 4 of this series: Learning As You Go I said about the internet forever changing and that we have to keep up with these changes and apply ourselves to them.

Not only has the internet been changing but the way people access it has also changed over the years. Fran Aslam wrote a guest post for me that detailed how people are using mobile devices as their new computers. Fran stated, at the time of writing, that 56.9million people are searching the internet from these mobile devices each and every day. That number will continue to rise as new devices are created and released.

It’s huge market that is growing daily and we need to be sure that whatever we are creating is accessible to that market.

Our kids are growing up with this technology and to them the normal thing to do is pull out their mobile device to watch their favourite videos on YouTube, read their latest eBooks from Kindle or plug in their headphones to listen to their MP3’s.

Make the most of the new technology and use it to your advantage.

Create videos:
You should create videos as and when you can and upload them to YouTube to reach as many people as possible. You may find this a daunting to start with, but don’t worry they’re easy to create.

You could buy a digital camera and film yourself carrying out certain tasks so as to show others how something is done. Or talk to the camera directly and get your message across that way. This also allows people to get to know you and so build the Know, Like and Trust factor that we all need.

Maybe you could create a screen capture video and give people a demonstration or tutorial of yourself carrying out certain tasks so they can follow along. There’s free software available from which is easy to use.

You could also create PowerPoint Presentations. PowerPoint also has the ability to create videos straight from the software and if you don’t have PowerPoint then you can download Open Office and use their free software to create your slide show presentations and then record them with CamStudio.

Create eBooks and Turn Them Into Kindle eBooks: Creating ebooks isn’t hard at all but if you’re unsure of how to do so Eamon Diamond has an excellent video showing you how to create ebooks. Once you have your eBook created take a step further to reach the people using mobile devices and create a Kindle eBook. People don’t need a Kindle eReader to read kindle eBooks as Kindle have created apps for all the other mobile devices that are free to download.

Create Audio Files: It’s easier to talk than type and we’ve all seen people using their ipods and other MP3 players so we need to cover that market as well. Again there’s free software that will allow you to create audio files. Audacity not only allows you create audio files it will also allow you to convert tapes and records into digital recordings 😎 as well editing and splicing them together.

Here’s another cool thing you can do with audio files: Rather than typing out your eBook you could record yourself talking about your project one chapter at a time and save each audio file. Then you can either use it as an audio book, transcribe them to text yourself or send them to a transcription service, as mentioned in part 7. Dawn Kay owns First Class Transcriptions and has an excellent post on her blog showing people where to get the software she uses and how to transcribe your audio files, again using free software.

I hope that has given you some ideas as to what is possible for your creations and as you can see it doesn’t have to cost you the earth πŸ˜‰

Before I end this post I would like to bring a very special young lady to your attention to show you how you can turn problems around to your advantage.

This young lady came to my attention earlier this week and I found her story so inspiring that I want to briefly share it with you.

Cassandra Bankson lives in the US and has had a long term problem with acne. She was bullied throughout school and left early to be taught at home. This young lady really is remarkable as she started creating videos for YouTube to demonstrate how she now covers her acne and details all of the steps needed for others to follow.

One of her videos Foundation Routine Flawless Skin For Acne Scaring has had 3,248,228 views to date. So please pop over and see how she is turning things around, you may need some tissues as the pain this young lady faces is evident in the video.

The good news is that Cassandra has now gone on to become a model, just search Google for Cassandra Bankson.

Now that my friends is an inspiration and a perfect example of taking the road not taken and turning it into success.

The Journey To Success is a Blog Carnival that is being organised by Mandy Allen in which some Masterclass bloggers are putting together a series of monthly blog posts detailing The Journey To Success.

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