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By Val Waldeck: My review

Updated August 2012

I’ve decided to update this post due to the fact that since writing it Val has updated the product Three Times and has automatically given all previous customers the latest version.

With the latest version of Kindle Publishing Made Easy Val now delivers the product in PDF, Video and PowerPoint Presentation and it simply doesn’t get easier than this.

On top of that you will also receive Publish With Amazon, which is another of Val’s step by step products that will guide you through publishing your products in Print via Amazon’s CreateSpace.

There’s even more good news by way of a Special Offer but I’ll let you know about that at the bottom of the post :)

Onto the product review:

After reading the guest post by Fran Aslam about Mobile SEO I thought I would look into how the majority of people read their eBooks.

The Kindle eReader topped the list, which isn’t really a surprise bearing in mind Kindle have downloadable applications to suit almost every need. Whether its for your mobile device, PC or ebook reader Kindle have it covered and with the Kindle eReaders coming down in price all the time they are only going to get more popular.

Having written an eBook and listed it on ClickBank, with plans to write many more, I thought I should find out what is involved in getting myself Kindle Published so as to reach a wider audience for my products. Bearing in mind that publishing Kindle eBooks is a “set it and forget it” way of selling your products. In other words once you’ve uploaded your eBook your work for that product is complete and you can move onto the next one ;)

I had originally used a PLR product to create my first Kindle eBook for this review but Amazon, being flooded with PLR content, decided to clamp down and remove duplicate content. Having had my product removed I decided to create a Kindle eBook from an original product of mine :)

Before I start my review I think it is important to point out that I did not know Val Waldeck, I had never visited her blog and to the best of my knowledge she hadn’t visited mine. We have never met through forums or had any form of communication until I purchased Kindle Publishing Made Easy.

I made the purchase via Clickbank and instantly received my download. Eager to get my teeth into it I immediately opened it up, got to the first chapter and found links to 2 pieces of software that I would need. Both were free to download and finding them so early in the eBook really gave my enthusiasm a boost and built on my excitement.

Having downloaded and installed both pieces of software I moved onto Chapter 2 where Val explains about the formatting of the ebook you’re creating, how certain characters need to be changed, what font styles to use and what their size should be. So I put Val’s eBook down and got cracking on my product mentioned above.

Once I had completed my eBook I made a copy of it, as instructed to do, and moved onto Chapter 3 where Val talks about creating an ecover or having one created for you. I already had a cover from the original product so I had that covered.

Chapter 4 had me opening one of the pieces of software that I had downloaded so as to create a folder to save my work to, along with the additional files that the software would create, which was simple to complete.

I moved onto chapter 5, where things started to get really interesting. Using the same software I imported my eBook in PDF format, although you can also import the eBook in it’s word format or even from a notepad document, and converted it to a new version compatible to the software. Again this was very simple to complete with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Chapter 6 explained how important it is to edit the HTML coding, the 2 methods we can use and a brief lesson on HTML coding. At this point Val links to a free HTML editing program for you to download and install.

Chapter 7 simply gets you to open the new version of your eBook in your web browser to see how it looks. Mine looked a little bit of a mess but the following chapters helped me sort that out.

Chapter 8 Gives you an excellent lesson in editing the HTML code with the HTML editing program that she advised we download in chapter 6. I know that some people are really unsure when it come to editing any form of code but I have to ensure you that Val really does a good job and keeps the lesson simple and to the point.

Chapter 9 is again about editing the HTML code, but this time in Notepad. With details of extra codes that you may or may not wish to use, depending on how you want the content of your Kindle eBook to be presented. I found this chapter really interesting as Val gives little tips on how to edit the ebook quickly with find and replace, which I knew already, but an additional tip which was to have the eBook open in my browser whilst making changes to it in Notepad. Then simply save the changes in Notepad and refresh the page in my browser to see how the changes look. So simple and a real time saver that I’ll use forever more.

Chapter 10 details how to build the index of your eBook, or Table Of Content as we like to call it. Using one of the programs I downloaded in Chapter 1 it took just a few clicks and the TOC was complete. Moving onto Chapter 11 I imported my ecover using the same software with 3 simple clicks it was done.

Chapter 12 and I was getting very excited as it was time to turn my creation into a Kindle eBook using the same software. Again with just a couple of clicks it was done and I now had my first ever Kindle eBook.

Chapter 13 detailed how to check the appearance of my new Kindle eBook and to be honest I wasn’t happy with the look but that was due to how I had edited it in HTML, so I went back and made the corrections I wanted to make and brought it back to this stage where I checked it again. Happy this time I moved on.

Chapter 13 Part 2 Showed me how to create a free Kindle Publishing account on Amazon and walked me through the whole process of setting up my account, uploading my very first Kindle eBook, selecting the correct options on Amazon, entering keywords in my description and basically everything you need to know including pricing and royalties.

I am now Kindle Published, check it out :cool:

Chapter 13 Part 3 shows you how to stay in touch with your Kindle eBooks, how to edit the details of it, check your sales and enter the community should you need any help or advice.

Chapter 13 Part 4 shows you how to connect your Kindle eReader to your PC.

Kindle Publishing Made Easy is fully illustrated with every instruction highlighted by a big red arrow, it just doesn’t get easier to follow than this.

I should mention that during the course of creating my Kindle eBook I knew that I would be writing this review so I thought I’d test Val and see what her customer service was like. So I sent her a few emails asking questions, the answers to which were in her eBook, and got a reply from Val very quickly on every occasion. Her replies were always polite and gave me the answers to my questions.

I was also impressed by the fact that everything you download is free of charge and that there aren’t any affiliate links within the eBook. You do not have to pay for anything other than the eBook itself, which I thought was excellent.

Val also includes a bonus eBook with this product, Publish With Amazon, which I haven’t read but I’m confident that it will be of equal quality.

Once I had completed Val’s eBook I sent her an email congratulating her on such an excellent product. I also mentioned that I would writing this review and asked if she would be able to offer my readers a discount.

I’m extremely pleased to inform you that Val agreed and has offered a massive discount of over 60% when you buy Kindle Publishing Made Easy BUT before you do that be sure to check The Special Offer I mentioned at the start of the update.

Val has just released a Warrior Special Offer for this package and while the offer lasts you can purchase it for just $5.00 via Kindle Publishing Made Easy WSO

So if you’ve ever wanted to get yourself Kindle Published then the time couldn’t be better for you :cool:

I will now create a Kindle version of every future product I create, other than those I’ll list on Clickbank.

As you know I love to receive your comments and hear your views.

Are you Kindle Published?

If so how did you go about it?

If not, is it something you’re considering?

Until next time, think Product Creation

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