As many of you know earlier this year I won a place on the Learn With Sally coaching, and what a win it was :) The coaching is absolutely fantastic and went a lot deeper and further than I could ever of imagined it would go.

Sadly last week was the end of the live call webinar’s and the completion of the course. Not that I’ve completed it yet :) There’s so much to the course that I’ve been busy learning and applying, making notes then learning and applying some more but I still need to go over some areas and to make sure I’m getting it right and that it has all sunk in correctly πŸ˜‰

Regular visitors to my blog would have seen the transformation in my blog and the way I now apply myself and my new found skills.

As I’ve been going through the course work, learning and applying, I’ve used some of my new found skills in my posts to demonstrate them as well as creating my videos and showing you how the journey has been progressing, and what a journey it has been.

When I first started with Learn With Sally I spoke on the first webinar, for the first time, and when asked what my biggest fear was I came out with a stupid answer β€œmy wife”. Since then I have spoke on nearly every webinar and even went on to co-host one, without any stupid answers πŸ˜‰

My Traffic foundations are now in place and working very well, with my traffic increasing, my Alexa ranking improving and the number of sites linking to me going up on a regular basis.

I now have a presence on the Social Media Networks, where I automatically send my content via Twitterfeed, which also brings me in free traffic :)

My video creation skills have improved ten fold and I’m now able to create all 3 types of video, screen capture tutorials, Power Point Presentations and me facing the camera.

I am now able to monitor my email marketing and drill down to see what emails are getting opened and which are not, allowing me improve on the areas that are needed. As well as being able to split test my email broadcasts to see which are working best. This is still an area where I need to improve but I do now have a good understanding of how it works.

I have an Instant Profit Machine in place, Triple Blog Traffic, which is also building my list and offers those that subscribe a free video, MP3 and eBook which will show them how to Triple their blog traffic using free resources.

I now have A Facebook Fan Page in place with my Triple Blog Traffic system. Again I need to apply myself a little more in this area and create further Fan Pages but again I now have an understanding of how these Fan pages work.

I have a product in the making through an interview I’ll be holding with Adrienne Smith. If anyone has any questions you’d like me to ask Adrienne please feel free to leave them in the comments on the post.

I now have a better understanding of how to attract and recruit affiliates to help promote my products. Which has come in really handy as I have a product that will be ready for launch in the coming weeks or maybe in the new year as I want everything to in place correctly.

If anyone is interested in helping me promote my new product please visit the affiliate page of Ease The Squeeze With Auctions and leave your details in the opt-in form and I’ll keep you updated. Don’t worry about being bombed with emails, this list is just for affiliates and news of my product launches. If you require a review copy of the product let me know once you’ve signed up πŸ˜‰

As well as seeing my own skills improve I have also had the pleasure of seeing my fellow students improve as well. They really are a great bunch of people that have also come a long way and offer each other encouragement and support in everything we all do.

My fellow students are:

Dawn Kay

Kathy Dobson

Ian Ieba

Nikki Stephens

Jacinta Dean

Jean Shaw

Nigel Yip

Michelle Lyall

Greg Taylor

Terry Conti

Fellow bloggers that joined later:

DeeAnn Rice

Kerry Russell

Igor Griffiths

Mandy Allen

It’s been really good getting to know them all and as I said we offer each other encouragement and support in everything we do and will continue to do so through our Facebook group, which is rocking.

So as you can see I’ve been on one hell of a journey with the Learn With Sally coaching, my skills have increased, I’ve overcome my fears and I know that the future is going to be brilliant. I’ve already been approached by two people asking to interview me, which was strange but I’m accepting both offers :)

I realise that whilst I’ve been detailing my journey in some of my posts I haven’t been passing many of the techniques on to my readers but I will be putting that right in the near future :)

I’d like to close this post with special thanks to Sally Neill and my lucky mascot Jade who picked my name out of the Daz box.

β€œSally your coaching has been first class and has taught me everything I need to create success online. You’re an excellent teacher, a very inspirational person, you always bring out the best in your students and have helped us all overcome our fears, without swinging your size 3 towards our butts πŸ˜‰ It really has been a pleasure learning from you these past few months and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My future really is in my hands now so sit back and watch it take off Sally, thank you x”.

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If you are suffering from fears holding you back please let me know what they are and lets see if I can help you face them.

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Until next time, Face your Fears and Form your Future

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