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Focused and trendy successful entrepreneur on line and offline both are paying attention to the growing needs of business promotion for the mobile phones.

I phone, new smart phones, Blackberry  models and Google Android phones, are the new compact computers.

There are 56.9 million people using the web search engine from these devices every day.  Says the Nielsen Media Research study.

Therefore, now is the time to build a mobile presence on the world wide web, so your business can be found when searched by 56.9 million people to buy what they are looking for.

It is time to design an optimization strategy for the mobile searching applications as well.  You can not leave behind such a great number of people and make the amount of profit that you deserve

Your business have to have mobile ranking or its performance is insufficient to present to all buyers.  There are software, companies and Google, and other search engines to optimize your presence on mobile search. Google mobile downloads are a great for local SEO.

Today when technology itself is moving very fast, it is very necessary to keep up with the advertising and promoting tools, to save time and effort and make money.  Therefore pay attention to mobile search and mobile phone market and get your share of the business with these streams.

Actually mobile search got its deserved attention in 2005 when it started getting popular with all mobile device users.

The writer of SEMOZ blog Red Fishkin has expressed the similar thoughts about mobile devices and feels that mobile devices need more attention by search providers.  The need of special theories exclusively for mobile SEO, is becoming a big problem for mobile users, or they will do much better business with the new specialized marketing system for mobiles than now.  As an outsider I can only speculate which is not my style.

Mobile search is growing at a rate faster than PC.  It is actually four times higher than PC search in 2010, according to Google, which counts it  to be 10% of Google search volume or more.  To take advantage of the growth make sure that your promotion appear in mobile phones market as number one.

Tips to Boost Your Sites Mobile number Search

1. Mobile Keywords and SMS marketing
Use mobile key word tool provided by Google for your mobile  SEO search engine.

1.  Write Google keyword tool in the search box
2.  When Google keyword search tool is up, click on advanced options
3.  From advanced options, click on “Show ideas and statistics.”
4.  Select “Mobile WAP devices”

5.  When Mobile WAP devices is up, go to the search box write your query and click the Google search box a list of words will show you the statistics of mobile key words that can be used to check the monthly  search volume competition and other detail.  You can even select the suitable keywords that you want to use for your mobile campaign.  When you do a search the statistics you see for competition, global and local Monthly searches, and search trends are all specific to the device or devices that you have selected.

Users of Google Search, mobile tool say that the current version of Google’s mobile keyword tool allows you to see volume from best smart phones,  which is 5 times more than what the feature phone volume was before.

2. Use traditional SEO principles for Mobile Ranking

Keep in mind that mobile search engine optimization is based on the same basic rules for page ranking.  So the process of mobile optimization is the same, just the aim is to get a rank in mobile devices search by using shorter keywords and brief  mobile ads. The popular use of keywords, tags, and anchor links is as important for mobile websites as it is for regular websites.  However, you should remember that mobile search engines often consider a site’s speed and its ability to be rendered well on a particular phone.

3. Create a mobile version of your site

In order to get a high PR in mobile searches, it is a good idea to create a mobile version of your site and use mobile SEO, by using mobile short keywords, mobile language that easily fits for the mobile readers, top  Google searchers for mobile will be so delighted and will be hooked to your product. Web provides lots of localized information about mobile searches. Uses the available resources to express your mobile site or take the help of a mobile search expert.

4. Mobile web designer specialist for SEO site

Take the help of mobile designer specialist, who know what keywords to use for mobile website design. Your working relationship with the designer is also important.  If you are trying to make a mobile site or mobile page for more sales, it is very important that you use keywords from mobile SEO. Smart phones and tablets are structurally different from lap tops and desk tops Typing on a mobile phone and or dealing with an onscreen keyboard is said to be a big factor for users to choose shorter keywords. These users may search the keywords that are more concise.  Experts call it the rush search.

5. Keyword analysis is also important

Choose your keywords carefully for mobile SEO. First study your niche and target marketing. Put yourself in the position of a mobile users. Now list down all the possible keywords regardless of competition, length and strength, then get some recommendations from your customers friends and colleagues.  Then go to ad words and use the mobile keyword tool.  Know the strength of every keyword before using it.

6. With an authority site, you will need a sub domain for your mobile site
Using the sub domain is the best idea if you have a well developed site for your niche.  As you will have to spend less effort for mobile SEO, as a sub domain, Because of the support from the main domain and the SEO juice from the main site.  Before indulging yourself to create a mobile SEO site make sure to do a test, how everything will work and when you are completely satisfied with your experience then work on it.

Grabbing your share of sales from 56.9 million searchers that is growing in numbers 4-5 times faster than Google top searches, is worth looking into.  The earlier you will get the monopoly of this market, the better profitable business you will have.

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