In the last video we dealt with uploading your website and testing that everything worked as it should do. If you suffered any problems or are stuck in any way please let me know and I’ll help you through it.

If on the other hand you have completed the uploading process then Congratulations you are now online and ready to go, pat yourself on the back: You’ve got your website online for the world to see….

…..Now that your website is online and ready to make sales we need to start generating traffic to it.

Now, I’m not an expert in traffic generation but I know a man that is. As I said in the last video, I have had to get special permission to create this video as I’m showing you the members only area of Total Web Traffic.

Before we get to the video I would like to thank Dave Nicholson for allowing me to create the video and for making a special offer available to my readers, more on that below the video.

During the video I show you what Total Web Traffic has to offer and towards the end of the video I show you some of the results that I have had from following the course.

Please watch the video and feel free to leave your comments afterwards. Below the video you will find a link to the special offer that Dave Nicholson has made available to us.

Dave’s Special Offer: Total Web Traffic Discount

As always, if you have any problems you can either leave a comment or email me for assistance.

Until next time, take care

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