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Easy Auction Income AnnouncementI can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post, so much for my advice on keeping a regular posting schedule to maintain momentum, but sometimes we have to take time out to accomplish things as quickly as possible.

Steve King and I have been working really well together, so much so that we decided to create another product between us. As we’ve both been selling on eBay since 2005 we thought we’d combine our knowledge and create an eBay business that just about anyone can follow.

We’re all aware of people struggling financially around the world and wanted to create something that doesn’t require a large learning curve or loads of additional costs just to get started.

Marketing Mini Classes: All Is Revealed

Marketing Mini ClassesI was recently approached by a good friend of mine, who informed me that she had partnered up with another good friend of mine to create a Brand New Membership site specialising in the dedicated support we often need to succeed online.

My good friend, Mandy Allen, explained how she and Steve King had got together to create Marketing Mini Classes and asked if I would take a look over the site, test everything and give them my feedback on it.

I’m so impressed with the site that I thought I’d take you all on a video tour of it as well as share some details about the hosts, Mandy and Steve, and how I know them.

Simple Traffic Solutions – My Review

Simple Traffic SolutionsSimple Traffic Solutions came about after John Thornhill asked his subscribers what they needed help with the most… Generating Traffic, and I’m sure we can all relate to that.

Let’s face it we all want more traffic and work hard trying to generate it every single day.

John has generated OVER 2 BILLION HITS to his sites in the past year and none of the methods he’s used involved Google. The reason for that is because he found himself banned from Ad Words plus the fact that Google keep changing their algorithm, such as the recent Panda and Penguin updates which saw people wiped off of Google overnight.

Creating and Using Secure Passwords With Ease

secure your passwordsWhether you work online or just use the internet for your own interests we all use passwords for the sites we use on a regular basis.

The majority of people will use a name that’s close to them, be it their pets name, maiden name, partners name or nickname. Others will use a specific date that’s easy for them to remember or a mixture of both name and numbers.

Many of us tend to use that same password for every site we use and don’t realise what a huge mistake it is, sure our passwords are easy to remember but they can cause security issues.

Does Daniel Sumner Know His Stuff?

Daniel SumnerDoes Daniel Sumner Know His Stuff?

The short answer to that is YES of course he does, but allow me prove it to you.

Before I wrote my review of Bloggers Roadmap I visited Dan’s blog and read his post: The 1 Page Promotion – Google Loves Your Blog. I followed Dan’s advice and applied everything he taught in the post for my review.

I published that review earlier this week and gave it a little time before checking it on Google, where I entered “Bloggers Roadmap Review” as I knew lots of people would be reviewing the product.

I found 7,790,000 results for that search term of which I was number 4, can you imagine my delight?

Bloggers Roadmap Review Google Results

Bloggers Roadmap: My Review

Bloggers Roadmap

Bloggers Roadmap: My Review

Regular readers know of my current situation, during which Daniel Sumner got in touch and gave me access to his latest product: Bloggers Roadmap and what an excellent product it is as well.

Mind you, coming from Daniel Sumner I wouldn’t expect anything less. You only need to take a look at his blog to see the quality of his work and the extent of his knowledge.

So what is Bloggers Roadmap and what can you expect to gain from it?

The initial offer is for the eBook, which is a 56 page PDF packed to the brim with advice and guidance. Daniel literally takes you by the hand and explains everything you need to know about blogging in a professional manor for long term success.

Kindle Publishing Made Easy Kindle Publishing Made Easy

By Val Waldeck: My review

Updated August 2012

I’ve decided to update this post due to the fact that since writing it Val has updated the product Three Times and has automatically given all previous customers the latest version.

With the latest version of Kindle Publishing Made Easy Val now delivers the product in PDF, Video and PowerPoint Presentation and it simply doesn’t get easier than this.

On top of that you will also receive Publish With Amazon, which is another of Val’s step by step products that will guide you through publishing your products in Print via Amazon’s CreateSpace.

There’s even more good news by way of a Special Offer but I’ll let you know about that at the bottom of the post :)

Magic Auction WordsIn my last blog post I told you about Goofbay and my favourite search methods that Goofbay offer: Misspelling and Not in Title searches. While these are great for finding bargains, either for your personal use or to resell on eBay, it struck me that if some people found their own listings it would be very disheartening for them.

This got me thinking about those people with listings that receive a low amount of bids, if any at all, and how they could improve the quality of those listings. I have previously written posts offering advice in this area, but an eBook that I had read, on this very subject, came to mind.

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