In my last post I said about taking the road not taken and trying something new. Well I’m delighted to publish this guest post by Steve King as he is a perfect example of someone doing just that: Taking the road not taken and trying something new.

Over to you Steve:

You work on the world wide web but do you really consider your business to be global?

I was on the same coaching course as Barry back in 2009 and since then I have become a product creator, an affiliate, a traffic generator, email newsletter creator, list builder etc etc…and most importantly I became tired…and if I’m honest a little bit jaded by IM.

Lot’s of people peddling their wares and newbie suckers being taken in and ‘being looked after’ until the money runs out.

There had to be a better way…I just didn’t know what it was…until now.

As an Internet Marketer would you like to have any of the following:

  • A Place where your completed product is always available for sale in the market place
  • No fees if you don’t make a sale for a little while
  • A place where there are hundreds of thousands of affiliates all willing to promote your product
  • And millions of potential customers all ready to buy.

Where is this magical place?

Why – it’s the App Store in iTunes.

Since October, I have been converted some of our video golf coaching programmes into iPhone & iPad Apps and we have just made a sale to our 26th different country.

For me the journey to learn how to create Apps has not been as complicated as learning to build websites or mini-sites and affiliate pages etc, – In fact the whole process has been very rewarding…especially when the app is completed and you really can set and forget it and get on with making the next one.

And to top it off, Apple only takes 30% from my sales revenue…which compared to the 75% I used to give away to ClickBank affiliates is just an absolute bargain.

If you could go back 5 or 6 years on the internet, with the IM knowledge you currently have – do you think you could make a decent living. Everyone says how much easier it used ot be back then…well in my opinion the App market is exactly where the good old w.w.w. was 5 years ago…

….and it truly is global.

Here’s a little picture of our Apps being prepared for the Christmas Period…for the next two weeks I can just sit back and think about all the people downloading our apps and paying us a little bit of money each time…happy days!

As John Thornhill teaches – ‘Many Streams Make a River’ – he’s right and in eight short weeks we have successfully developed nine golf apps…and that’s not something I would ever have imagined being able to do properly with my Clickbank products.

All shiny and new :)

I wish all Barry’s readers a very festive holiday season and I urge you to check out the App market while the opportunity is still so big. It’s not as complicated as it may sound, and as Barry will testify, back in 2009 I was a complete non techie – so if I can do it anyone can

Happy Marketing





Steve King Weekend Golfers

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