I have some fantastic news to tell you all but before I do I want to tell you about a question I received on Twitter a couple of days ago as they’re kind of tied together.

The question was β€œHi Barry, I am really curious. How do you get so many people to comment on your blog? Besides the fact that its a super blog.

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I’ve removed their name and photo as I don’t want to cause them any embarrassment. If you look at the image you’ll see that the person tweeted my post about the product review of Kindle Publishing Made Easy and then 2 hours later asked the question. So were they thinking about the amount of comments I had received for those 2 hours, trying to figure it out?

My answer was β€œHi *****, good question. I get so many comments by blog hopping and tweeting every post. Building relationships along the way”

Of course that’s a brief answer as Twitter only allow 140 characters per tweet but the gist of it is correct.

You see, when it comes to my blog I have a certain Blogging philosophy:

I will not use pop ups to help build my list because I can’t stand my reading interrupted on other blogs that do use them. Instead I have an opt-in form beneath each post, hint hint πŸ˜‰

When people are good enough to visit my blog and leave a comment I feel they deserve a reply to their comment and a visit from me to their blog, where I will also leave a comment and tweet their post, as long as the tools are in place for me to do so.

When people are good enough to tweet my posts I feel I should thank them for the Tweet and return the gesture when I get to their blogs. On occasion I will visit the persons twitter page and ReTweet their tweets from there.

When I find posts that I know will help people I tweet about them and add #hash tags to all the keywords, so that they’re found on keyword searches, just as I did for the excellent post by Dee Ann Rice when her content was hijacked. That post was so good that I tweeted over 50 people directly and asked them to comment on the post. Many of which did, β€œthank you to those people”.

I also add the gems I find to Buffer so as to schedule the tweets and keep the post in peoples minds, asking them to read the posts and leave a comment.

All of this helps build online relationships and brings people to my blog, where the cycle begins again.

Blog hopping doesn’t only bring you free traffic, it also helps build relationships that we can all benefit from.

I visited Dawn Kay’s Blog and saw she was offering to transcribe an audio file free of charge to someone that left a comment. So not only did I tweet the post but I got in touch with people I knew had done interviews and pointed them in her direction. Craig Sowerby was one of the people I got in touch with and he won a free transcription.

For sending people to Dawn’s post I also won a free transcription 😎 So you see it works, but wait there’s loads more yet!!

Craig went on to create a product from his interviews and guess what…

He kindly sent me a free copy of his new product, Steal The Knowledge Of Top SEO Experts and asked if I could review it. Great product Craig, I’ve sent my review.

I am a keen follower of Sally Neill, she has taught me loads of stuff. I found Sally had created a video for creating eBook covers. As a product creator I was thrilled to find it as it has helped me create my own covers and save money. I knew it would help some of my readers so I posted about it and guess what….

That month I was the top referring site in Sally’s traffic stat’s and mentioned in her video, bringing me traffic……..where the cycle begins again.

Sally has recently offered free access to her new coaching program, all you had to do was read her latest eBook, leave a comment on her post and you would automatically be entered into the draw. This is probably the greatest offer I have seen for blog commenting, so I emailed my list and told them all to get over there. Then I started tweeting the post to get as many people over there as possible. Three people were about to become very lucky and guess what…

Your’s truly is one of the lucky winners. How great is that? Simply fantastic I can tell you. I’ll be posting all about it, so my readers will also benefit from my win πŸ˜‰

I’ve already learnt loads from Sally and have implemented what she’s taught me and I am starting to see the benefits from it. So I know her coaching is going to be simply fantastic and will take me to a new level of Internet Marketing.

Come and join Sally on her Super Duper Free Training Webinar on Thursday July 21st between 9pm and 10pm BST

I can’t wait!!

So you see, blog hopping is not just about traffic, it’s also about building relationships, helping each other and passing on the gems we find.

You can see the benefits are endless.

Update: Kathy Dobson is holding a contest on her blog and is offering Camtasia and Snagit free of charge to a very lucky winner. All you need to do is visit her blog read the post and leave a comment and you’ll automatically be entered into the contest.

Here’s the link:


As you know I love to read your comments so please let me know what you think of the post and how you have benefited from blog hopping.

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Until next time, get blog hopping you can see the benefits are endless.


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