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Blog Commenting and A Blogging Superstar

Blog commentsI haven’t been blogging as much as I normally do as I’ve had some off line tasks to deal with and have been working on a product with one of my JV partners, Steve King, but more on that at a later date…

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Is Blog Commenting Worth The Time It Takes?

I’ve read a thread on Facebook recently about whether or not to have comments activated on blogs and what the benefits were…

What A Stupid Twitter Mistake To Make

My Twitter MistakeWe’ve all heard the expression “everyone makes mistakes” and last week I found the extent of some of those I’ve made on Twitter.

When I first started using Twitter I was following a product that came as part of an online course I was taking and seeing as how I’d never used Twitter before I followed each and every step.

One of those steps was to set up an account on SocialOomph and configure it so that when people followed me I automatically followed them back and sent them a Direct Message.

Now this could work really well, however I started to notice that some of my followers (that I automatically followed back) were not really the kind of users that I’d want to be associated with.

12 Twitter Tips When I first started using Twitter I went about it in the totally wrong way and had automated tweets from Google Alerts sent via Twitterfeed to my Twitter account. These were set for the keywords I applied so as to constantly update my page. The trouble with this is that you can’t pinpoint the content with the accuracy you desire and are often tweeting content that your followers have very little or zero interest in. My click through rate was very low so I took a good long look at it and decided to do away with it.

Twitterfeed to Twitter: Share Your Views Please.

Twitterfeed to Twitter

Update: March 2011, please read to the end of post for the update.

I’ve been using Twitter for about 18 months now and set up my Twitter Account with the help of Tweet Dynamite, which is the complete package for anyone wanting to get started on Twitter. I was really unsure of Twitter to start with but with the video guides in Tweet Dynamite it was really easy to set up my Twitter Account and get to grips with all the different programs used to assist my Twitter Campaign.