Using Free Software

To Record Your
PowerPoint Presentations

When it comes to creating videos there are two things holding people back in my opinion, Cost and Confidence.

Confidence: While I try to encourage people to face their fears and progress online, offering assistance when and where it’s needed, that’s about all I can do. The rest is up to the individual, if you really want something then you have to take the steps needed to achieve it.

I know as well as anyone how fear can hold you back but during the Learn With Sally coaching I made the decision that I would face my fears head on and kick them into touch.

Once you have overcome them there’s nothing holding you back and you really do start to take huge strides towards your goals and feel so much better for it. Just look at the people taking part in the video blog challenge, we all started the same way: Facing our fears, overcoming them and progressing online.

Do you remember your first driving lesson? Did you panic at the sight of a car coming towards you? Did you have the radio switched off because it distracted you?

Look at how you drive now, windows down, music playing, whistling away, seeing the oncoming traffic and not even thinking about it now because you have the experience and have built your confidence.

It’s the same with everything in life, experience builds confidence.

Cost: When people first start looking into creating videos they hear all about Camtasia, see the price and lots of people think β€œoh well, maybe when I’ve made some money online” and then give up on their video ideas.

You don’t need Camtasia to create good videos as there is free software available online that can get you up and running in no time at all.

In the video below I show you where to get that free software and how to use it to produce really good videos that cost you nothing but your time :)

Using Free Software To Record Your PowerPoint Presentations

Don’t forget that my videos are shot in HD so you can hit the button in the bottom right corner and watch the video full screen πŸ˜‰

You can download the software used in the video by visiting CamStudio and Windows Live Movie Maker.

If you’re not yet creating videos please download them both and have a go at your first video, once you’ve overcome that fear you’ll soon be knocking them out on a regular basis.

Obviously I’m working on a PC but if you’re on a Mac you could try using:

Screen Movie Recorder

Capture Me or


If you’ve missed the previous Two videos in this series:
Part One adding text, images and graphs.
Part Two adding animations and transitions.

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Until next time; download, play and produce πŸ˜‰

P.S. Please take a moment, after leaving your comments, to visit the Video Blog Challenge page and catch up on the videos being submitted. There are some fantastic tutorials there for everyone to learn from.

Again please share them with your friends and followers πŸ˜€

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