This isn’t the post I had planned to publish next on my blog but this is so important it had to be published ASAP, so please excuse the lack of formatting and editing of the video lower in the post…

…the message is FAR to important to be concerned about optimizing everything with my Pre-Publishing Blog Post Tips!!

Regular readers know that I’ve joined the team over at Marketing Miniclasses and as well as that I’m also working on two other sites that’ll be making an appearance in the near future.

Part of my daily routine is to log into the sites and check things over.

Today, whilst doing the rounds I found one of the sites being hit hard and fast with people attempting to log in…. and this site hasn’t even launched yet!

Fortunately I’ve installed WordFence on all of the sites so it was quite easy to block the offenders but seeing so many in real time I had to record a video and show it to you all.

Even though I have my security in place I found this alarming and I know that many people don’t have their sites as secure as they should have, so hopefully the video will emphasise the point.

You’ll notice in the video that every attempt (this time) was using the username β€œadmin” so if you’re using that as your WordPress Username you have to change it, no questions or excuses just get it changed ASAP.

Now, quite by chance I was watching a video from Adrienne Smith last night detailing How To Change Your WordPress Username and she covers the job perfectly with simple instructions that help everyone follow along. So you have no excuses left now, ok!

This really is an important security weakness that you have to eliminate, as the video will show you.

WordFence Real Time Log In Attempts can be watched full screen in HD by clicking the button in the corner, excuse the lack of editing but I wanted everything kept in real time. You’ll see why…

To install WordFence simply visit your WP admin panel, Plugins, Add New and enter WordFence, search, install and activate as normal. You’ll then notice it appear in the sidebar of your admin panel with a sub menu as shown in the video.

Alternatively you can install Limit Log In Attempts, which does exactly that. I used it myself until installing WordFence.


Mark Maunder, the creator of WordFence, has offered to answer any questions you may have about his plugin and if there are enough I’ll ask him to do a Q&A post for you all.

So if you do have any questions please ask them in the comments below.

Over To You…

Are you alarmed at the number of log in attempts taking place so quickly, from different locations around the world?

Do you have your security in place?

If not is it something you fear doing? If so let us know in the comments and someone will offer advice.

Sharing Is Caring…

I hope you agree that this is a security issue that people need to be made aware of, if so please use the buttons below to share the post with your friends and followers, thanks.

Until next time, do what you can to stay safe.

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